The Art of the Japanese Tea Set

The Art of the Japanese Tea Set

The classic, elegant charm of a Japanese tea set is appealing to everyone who are enthusiasts indeed. All of the pieces, which typically consist of a pot, a tray, and cups or bowls, command attention as they dutifully await their opportunity to perform their intended task.

To add to the charm and mystique of these often fanciful creations, artisan potters spend entire lifetimes fine honing these amazing set making skills under the tutelage of a Master potter. As long as there has been tea and tea drinkers, there have been tea sets. There is something striking about this beautiful pottery that immediately causes us to stop for a moment and take notice of it

Japanese tea sets can be elaborate and ornamental or simple yet functional. These adorable work of art are oftentimes passed from one generation to the next and are considered heirlooms. They are often given as gifts and are well received. Most households have several different beautiful sets. There is a perfect set for everyday, home use and another tea set that is reserved for special occasions and Japanese tea ceremonies.

They can come in a variety of shapes, colors, materials and sizes. There are even cast iron Japanese tea sets which are extremely impressive and stately to say the least. You would be hard pressed not to pay these exquisite tea sets a second look!

Each set is a unique work of art and are often displayed prominently in the home- especially the “special occasion” teapots. Also, many people even have seasonal Japanese tea sets for use throughout the year. The type of tea set depends upon personal preference and the type of tea being used. Green and oolong teas are typically enjoyed in smaller cups or tea bowls and brewed in smaller teapots.

You don’t need a special occasion or formal Japanese tea ceremony in order to bring out your tea finery!

Each day is the absolute perfect opportunity to use these lovely sets to turn an “everyday cup of tea” into a visually appealing experience. Next time you invite friends over for a tea party, or to create a special tea ceremony of your own design, awe them with your elaborate or classic Japanese tea set.